About Us.
      The concept of DfcPhotos was imagined in 2007 and the web site
was created in late 2008. The site was created to provide Photos and
Services to Off-Road Racing Competitors, their Teams, their Sponsors
and to the many spectators who enjoy the sport.
      We have been following desert racing for nearly 25 years and
have taken hundreds of pictures. Only a few Off-Road fans have had
the opportunity to see these pictures due to our non exposure to the
Internet. Many of our older photos were taken with film cameras and were printed instead of being created into digital files. An effort will
be made to scan some of them and display them on this site.
   This site will provide an opportunity for others to view our photos.
Some of the photos are for viewing only, some are free for the taking
while others will be for sale.
   Thanks for viewing our site.
                                       IMAGE RESTRICTIONS NOTICE:

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Are for Web browser viewing only.
Usage of any image ( including comp usage) must be negotiated. No image on this
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