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DFCPhotos introduces the “CLASS PICTURE” concept to Off Road Racing.
      Two years ago, I was amazed by the large number of Class 5 cars competing in the December 31 MDR “Dash”. I collected a digital image of each car and created a poster which is hanging on my office wall. After the 2009 “Dash” I noticed an equally large number of Class 1400 trucks  and again created a poster. It too is hanging on my office wall.
While looking at my high school Class reunion picture, a light bulb turned on;
Why not create a “Class Picture” of the vehicles in a particular Class of an off
road race? As a competitor or just a fan, wouldn’t it be neat to look back and
see a collage of all the vehicles that competed in an event.
      DFCPhotos has started the process of creating 16 x 20 posters. We have
created a collage of the Class 1400 trucks, the Class 1600 cars and the Class
5-1600 cars from the 2009 “Dash”. There are two versions of the Class 1400 trucks with a different photo of each vehicle. We have taken it a step forward by providing a personalized version of the poster by enlarging your vehicle’s picture on the poster of your choice. Eventually we would like to add the driver’s name that is associated with each image on the posters.
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